Malaca (Pohon Melaka)

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It's always stressful when I leave to go to the airport and don't know how long it will take because of traffic or something else. My friend Dwi and I planned to go to Malaysia. We decided to go there because we always took the chance when there's promotion ticket. Our flight left at 17.45 pm and arrived at 21.30 pm. After collected our luggage then we went to the Transnasional counter ticket, but we were disappointed because the counter was closed.  We were confused so we asked people if we could buy ticket on the bus and they said that the last bus will come at 1 am and we can buy the ticket on the bus yaaayy :D. Our first destination is Melaka. Melaka is one of a UNESCO world heritage site.We bought Transnasional ticket ti Melaca for about 22 RM. It took around 2-3 hours to reach Melaka station. We slept on the bus and arrived at 3 am. We slept at the station because there wasn't bus. Dwi couldnt sleep because there are many mosquitous and I was too tired to care about the mosquitous :P

Bus Transnasional LCCT-Melaka

I called it Red City

We went to Melaka city by Panorama bus (1RM) then left at  Red Clock Tower neraby Standhuys and Crist Church. We toured around Standhuys, Crist Church, around Melaka river, and Little India.Melaka is rich of history from pevisious Portuguese, Dutch adn British. Based on the history Melaca was founded by Parameswara in 16th century. According to a legend Parameswara was taking a rest under a tree near river during a hunt. That was his dog cornered by a wild animal and then his dog was safed by a mouse deer. Prameswara impressed by the courage of the deer, and thought that was a sign of the weak overcoming the powerful. He named it 'Melaka' after the tree where he had just taken shelter at, the Melaka tree

Our Room at Troka

Then we looked for our hostel at Troka Preware Residence at Temanggong street, Lorong Bukit China. We paid for that hostel 30RM. We got comfy room, I thought that was nice enough and worthy. We were so tired after we slept at station so we wanted to have enough sleep and yes we slept until 12 am.

Simple city and simple girls
We rented bicycle to go around Melaka. It was so hot but I was so happy coz I like cycling around nice city. We went to museums around Melaka. We met fussy children in one of museum (I forgot the name hahah) there were so cute and we had lot of fun together with them.

  • LCCT-Melaka by TransNasional ( around 22RM
  • Melaka Sentral-Kota (bus panorama) around 2RM
  • Troka Hostel ( around 30 RM
  • Cruise Ship around 10RM