My First Manta Experience At Manta Point (Nusa Lembongan)

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For a very long time I really wanted to see Manta Ray. Diving on Lembongan always gives me a nervous feeling because the swell is usually big and strong, and makes me seasick, but my desire to see an amazing creature underwater has allowed me to beat my fear.

We went to Manta point with a group of divers from Big Fish Diving  yesterday. The weather was lovely but again I got seasick because the swell was wavy. It  took 30 minutes to travel from Jungut Batu to Manta Point. I just tried to calm my brain to make me feel better. When we arrived in Manta Point my seasickness was little bit better, so let's jump!

The water temperature was 24 degrees, not too bad, I wore my 7mm wetsuit. I first dove into water directly and I was so surprised by the Manta right in front of me in waters 9 meters deep. That's so huge and I was just excited. The visibility wasn't really good but I could see the Manta still.

Here we go my first Manta photo experience in my life.

My first Manta in 25 October 2015

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