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I have been exercising at Sanur Paradise Spa and Fitness since September last year. I do several exercises like running, yoga, hiking and diving. After I do it regularly, the exercise can make me a happier person, make me feel better, less stressed out, less anxious, more confidence, and very happy. So that the reasons I keep doing this.

I want to keep and improve my progress on exercise. And here I am, I made my own WORKOUT LOG BOOK as my motivation and keep on my track of every part my training and diet. For all the training I write on my log book are from many sources like fitness magazine, internet, and from people at the gym. I am still learning about right exercises and diet. So this log book is very important to record my activities.

My Training Last Month
So guys, let's keep doing exercise and see the progress in every month. My goals are to be healthier and happier. And I can reach it if I am discipline, because discipline is the key to success. There is quote by Jack Lalane " I do it as therapy. I do it as something to keep me alive. We all need a little discipline. Exercise is my discipline".

           EXERCISING MAKES ME HAPPY (Photo by Jomoboy Photography).