10 Things To Do Before I Die

2:05 PM D.I.A.N 0 Comments

"What I want to do before I die?" That question makes me feel so excited.  I have many things that I really want to do.  I make this list in order to I won't forget my desire, dream, passion. Do something wonderful, ridiculous, crazy or inspiring are my joys. I like myself. I like to be a cheerleader of myself. So let's have fun :D

1. I want to dive in all beautiful spots dive in the world
2. I want to round the world
3. I want to be CEO of my company's
4. I want to Climb Semeru and Rinjani mountain
5. I want to try bungee jumping
6. I want to go skydiving
7. Round the sea by cruise ship
8. I want to kiss my boyf in public area
9. I want to make free hug campaign video
10. Naked on the secret beach