7 Reasons Why You Should Go To The Gym

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First time I decided join to gym in Sanur Paradise Fitness center is because I like exercise. I know that exercise is good for me. As a worker sometimes we are so lazy, busy or make other excuses to avoid gym. So, I registered to join the gym with my friend who have same hobby and same motivation.

Joining a gym is easy but keeping on track from training routines we will need something to boost and motivate ourselves. Want to get more motivation why we should go to gym? Check out these 7 reason to improve our health and our live.

1. Exercise Makes You Feel Better

2. Exercises Controls Weight

3. Exercises Boosts Your Energy

4. Exercises Gives Your Self-Esteem

5. Exercise Reduces Stress

6. Exercise Improves Your Sleep 

7. Exercises Makes You Sexy

Exercise is a great way to get health, feel better and happy.  Let's keep doing exercises and let's go to gym sexy girls!

Photo by: Jomoboy Photography
Location: Sanur Paradise Spa and Fitness