Dian's Travel Diary: Perth, Western Australia II

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First thinking in my mind when I come to Perth is, this city is very clean, quiet, not so many traffic and so lovely. But that's not all, Perth is stunning city with beautiful beach, green park, transparent river and amazing graffiti city art work. I can't tell enough how's this city make me amazed and I just can say "wow".

                         Can you imagine how lovely is our country if can be so clean like this building area.
I really love street art. It's nice to see not only natural nature, but also an art who created by people with a big talent and share it in public area. They spread a beauty, an intelligent, a love and an art.
Lot of area in Perth have to discover Graffities art, I'll show you some of graffiti wall around Perth.

The earth without "art" is just "eh".

Dian - Western Australia -10-15/06/2015

And don't forget to take selfie or photos in front of graffiti walls. I was so happy and can stop jump around the street like a crazy girl.

Life is the art of drawing without an eraser.


  1. Thank You :), ayo kapan2 ngetrip bareng

    1. Yuuukk.. kamu lebih jago plan deh kayanya.
      Bilang bilang ya kalo ada plan lagi :)