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Karijini National Park is in the Pilbara Region, it's approximately 1,055 kilometre from Perth. The easy way to get there is by plane to Paraburdoo airport around 1,5 hours from Perth. The Pilbara is remote, but rich in iron ore, and some of the biggest iron ore mines in the world are in this area. Million of tonnes of iron ore are transported by road and train to the coast, and shipped to China to make steal.

Great experience fly by Qantas Airline

On the way to Karijini by plane, I was amazed by the view from above. They didn't fly too high because of the wind condition. The good thing was, I got many beautiful photos from above!

One of Mine Site is very lovely.

When I landed at Paraburdoo, I was thinking again that this place is very very quiet, quieter than Perth. The road and the view along the way to Karijini was so awesome. It's was like being on another planet, perhaps Mars, as the rocks were red. I can't stop exciting and screaming "awesome".

Drove from Paraburdoo airpot, north east to Karijini, the road was sealed and good quality, but remote and not many vehicles on it. I feel like I'm playing in one of Hollywood movie hehe
On the way to Tom Price  we stopped to buy some groceries and we bought Koala Cadbury chocolate, it's so delicious! In Tom Price I found lot of Corellas, they're birds, very lovely because they made beautiful sounds. I have recorded it and share it to my instagram.

Karijini has it all- rugged views, stunning gorges and breathtaking waterfalls. The color of the ground and the rock here is reddish. First gorge I visited, Hamersley gorge, to get there wasn't really difficult to access The rock stairs, carved into the side, were very easy (I feel sad because in the same time when I'm writing blog about Karijini, I read a news about a young guy has died  after falling from cliff at Hancock gorge and another woman injured in separate gorge. So guys, when you go adventuring I know you will be excited about wonderful place, but don't be careless, always aware of everything around you).

I found lot of ant hills, can you imagine how many ant to build that hill?
First gorge I've visited, Hamersley Gorge - Minhthukundi
I'm gonna show you amazing photos to see how magnificient, wonderful, enormous and so beautiful view in Karijini National Park. I think one page of my blog isn't enough to give you all the photos, that's so many :p

1. Hamersley Gorge
Hamersley Gorge

2. Waeno Gorge

This sign means that class 4 is rather difficult level for the next step.

I have to walk in the cold water to go further.

3. Fortesque Gorge

Brrrrrrrr it's cold

4. Kalamina Gorge

The best time to visit Karijini is from April, after the seasonal rains finish. Before then it can be too dangerous and roads may be inaccessible. Karijini will provide you with springs, friendly gorges, clear water, red and yellow butterflies fluttering against the red earth, it is so pretty. The Karijini National Park is awesome, majestic, and beautiful. It is prefect destination to Western Australia, especially if you like adventure. It's like nowhere else on Earth, and is a time  I won't forget forever stuck in my mind. I'll call it "it's another paradise" I heart Karijini National Park.

Say good bye to Karijini was a hard thing to do. I still wanted to stay and explore many more gorges. I hope see you again one day in my dreams, because I know a dream will come true.

My Ticket on the way back to Perth


  1. I went to Perth a few times but never go to these places. Your travel blog inspired me to go off the beaten track. Defenitely will do it on my next travel :)
    Budy Sutanto

  2. Thank you again @Budy Sutanto, many places in Australia i want to visit and explore. Hope will come true soon because I believe in my dream.