Abandoned Amusement Park In Sanur

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Bali has everything-beautiful beaches, sacred mountains, famous lakes, temples, and cultures. Bali is pure, magical and abundant in beauty. You don't need to spend a lot of money to enjoy a holiday in Bali, and you can discover unimaginable places here. This weekend I decided to discover a new place around Sanur area which is not too far from my home. I went to an abandoned place called Taman Safari Park just north of Sanur in Padang Galak area. Once upon a time, Taman Safari was developed by an Indonesian bussinesman who went bankrupt after a short while. This place was used as a 3D theater, little crocodile zoo and bird park.

The first time I entered the 3D theatre I could feel that this place is eerie and scary. I got goose bumps anytime I was scared. I just found out that this place is called by local people as a "Ghost Town". Despite this place looking eerie, it would be cool for the keen photographer. They can get great photos in some spots. Like in front of the 3D theater there was a big tree with roots around the building, that were very fantastic. Here are some of pictures in this abandoned park:

Turbo Theater

Its cool for taking pictures here

I suggest you to wear sneakers or shoes to explore this area because lot of bushes and branches from trees.

All this photos taken by Tim with his samsung android camera 

Be careful with this abandoned area because the building is unused for a long time, that can be dangerous in some places like this old windows.