I am dying from boredom

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My life is quite bored lately...yes I have many expressions for this: I'm dying from boredom, I hate being bored, my life is so boring, I get bored very easily,..la..la..laa  I get bored all the time. I am so frustrated and depressed I think coz I am stuck in my job, I don't travelling a lot lately. Talking about my job, I always think that I have to improve myself and need a challange. But looking for a job is not easy thing that way. In my college I wasn't one of smart student. I just an ordinary student who didn't have any achievement. I took that major because of my parents wanted me to go university. Actually I wanted to take hair stylist course,ohh that's a long story. And yeah finally I could pass my bachelor in 2010. I finished it in 5 years yaaayy (that was embarrased me :p).
Ok back to this topic about my job or my boredom. I want to look for a job who have many holidays, fun, and big salary. All people want it too :p
I've already thougt about this many times that I have to start a new business.I have many ideas but I am not brave enough to start it. I really want to start a business because of I can work on my own, I can manage my own time..arrrrgghhh it's such galau post