Simple Moment of Happiness in My Life

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Sunrise in the morning

Really, happiness can be so very simple. Happiness is still a mystery for lot of people in this world. Different people different mind.There are people define a happiness that should have much money, power, houses or etc. They try so hard to get their measure of  happiness then they are not realized with small happiness who come everytime in their life.There is no wrong if you have a dream become a billioner, succesfull, famous and etc. But do not let your small happiness just through your life and make you are not feel gratefull with nature, life and your God.

A lot of simple moment that you have to realize and find it. I have a lot of moment who I really like to share with you guys. Do you know why? Because I am a person who always say thank you to God that life is so beautiful, I am a person who always think that every moment is a happiness. Every moment make me always smile, spread my heart, sincere, laugh out loud, cry, scream, stunning and joyful.

I list several simple moment of happiness in my life:
  • Enjoying beautiful nature in this world especially Indonesia. Indonesia is my country who have a lot of magnificent nature. No wonder the world called Indonesia as Emerald equator (Zamrud Khatulistiwa).

One of Beautiful Indonesia from Ferry ship on the way to Gilimanuk
  • Hangout together with amazing friends in Surabaya. I called it a friendship. I am so happy since I've been living in Surabaya. Because I meet a lot of wonderful friends here. Usually we spent time together such as talking, gossiping, having fun, doing crazy thing waw too many. They like a family for me and I really appreciate this togetherness.

  • Family is my everything. I can say that I live well untill now because of my family. I love them very much. And we got happier when there is a new member in our family. Yaay I have a nephew his name is Kafie.

my lovely family
 Really, happiness can be so very simple. Just let your happiness color this world yaaaayyy :D


  1. what a nice article. the happiness is everywhere, just turn our point of view then we can gain the happiness itself.

  2. thank you Luke. I hope our life is full of happiness :D
    Life is Wonderful