Sometimes Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

11:28 PM D.I.A.N 2 Comments

Our live is full of rule, but life is too short. Sometime we don't want to follow the rules. We need an excitement without a limit to enjoy it. I like a saying that rules are meant to be broken. Don't get me wrong guys. It's quite fun if we just do things whatever we want to do even that's wild, rebellious, naughty things. Just be selfish!

Katharine Hepburn said if you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.

As I did yesterday, we shouldn't stop along the Suramadu bridge. We can get fine around a hundred thousand rupiah. But I did it !


  1. Betul banget, kalo terus mengikuti segala macam peraturan. Maka tidak akan mendapatkan moment dan kesenangan lain. Terkadang memang kita harus "Nakal".

  2. hahahah bener kadang ya jangan keterusan :p