10 Things To Do and See in Western Australia

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After I arrived back in Bali from Perth, I had many friends ask me "What was Perth like?, What did I do? What's interesting there?blablabla, so many questions. So here I am, I want to share with my lovely readers some of the interesting things to do and see in Western Australia.

1. See Lake Monger

Lake Monger is near Leederville, less then five kilometres from the city of Perth. I visited this lake in the first day, that it was a quick visit but the path around the lake is popular with joggers, walkers, and cyclists and that in addition to the black swans, ducks, and Pelicans, it's not unusual to spot turtles crossing the path.

Can you see black swans behind me? maybe not. It's rare for me to see black swans.

2. Shopping In Watertown

I hadn't really prepared for an Aussie winter, as Bali never gets that cold. So I thought that I could stand the cold...but brrrr, even in the middle of the day the weather was still too cold for me. So I decided to buy a sweater to keep me warm. My recommendation for cheap shopping is called Watertown Brand Outlet Centre. You can check the information here: Watertown Brand Outlet. It's a short walk from the city and train station.

A sweater I bougth in Watertown Brand Outlet

3. Glamping in Karijini National Park

One of the room in Karijini National Park (Pic by http://www.karijiniecoretreat.com.au)

Have you ever heard "Glamping"? Glamping is going camping, but with glamour. A combination of the two words. It's like regular camping, but with nicer things than usual, being warmer, and more comfortable. Glamping isn't done by usual outdoor types who climb mountains (UrbanDictionary source)

Glamping in heart of Karijini National Park was great experience for me. I stayed at the Karijini Eco Retreat for 2 nights. This camp offered you an evironmentaly friendly retreat and campground at Jofre gorge. There is no internet, no telephone, the nearest petrol station and grocery store is 80 kilometers away. Even for wifi we were just allowed to access to view email or website, but no uploading to Instagram, that was hard the world without internet!

4. Exploring Gorges in Karijini National Park 

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing -Helen Keller-

Fortescue Falls

Escape the Perth city on an adventure In Karijini National Park for exploring many gorges they have is the best travel experience you must have. Karijini have lot of stunning gorges which presents a lot of ancient rocky tunnels, waterfall, and amazing scenery. I have been in Hammersley gorge, Waeno gorge, Fortescue falls, Forn lake, and Kalamina gorge. 

Getting there: Qantas airline has daily flights to Paraburdoo airport. You can hire a car to go to Karijini National Park.

Fern Pool

5. Barramundi and White Wine

For lovers of seafood, make sure you taste an original 'Barramundi' fish from Australia. It is one of the things you have to put on your bucket list. Barramundi has been called the perfect fish for a changing world. Barramundi and white wine is the best pairing. An Australian fish deserves an Australian wine. Perfect!

Barramundi is so yummy!

Australian white wine

6. Hillarys Boat Harbor

Hillarys Boat Harbor, just a little north from city of Perth, is easily accessible via a drive along the stunning coastline. The boat harbor is also a shopping centre, targeted mainly at tourists, and contains many Australian stores, selling everything from bikini's and surf wear, Australian art, and great food. (Don't forget to enjoy hot chocolate from San Churros over there)

Hillarys is also home to AQWA , the aquarium of western Australia, a world class aquarium where you can get up close and personal with everything from sharks to a clown fish. Sadly I'd taken up too much time shopping that afternoon, and didn't make it to AQWA. There is always next time :D

Hillarys Boat Harbor

8. Enjoy Sunset in Scarborough Beach

Perfect Sunset in Scarborough Beach

I absolutely love sunsets. I always make time to catch a beautiful sunset, whenever I'm in a new place and travelling. Every sunset is different - the colors, the clouds,  and each has something unique about it. Sunset in Scarborough beach is spectacular, it's really beautiful.

9.  See Perth's Night Life View From King's Park and Botanic Garden

If you want to see Perth city lights, the best time is in the evening from King's park and Botanical Garden. It's a public park and open for visiting in 24 hours, everyday of the year. You will see a lot of limousines parking up there at night - often carrying newly weds, or party people wanting to enjoy the night view from above and take pictures.

10. Discover Graffiti Art Walls

One thing I noticed about Perth, besides how clean it is, is the wonderful artwork and graffiti which cover the sides of buildings, up alley ways, and on shop fronts. Some are so colourful and pretty, and all help give Perth an artistic vibe unlike any other city I've visited.